In the end, I didn’t use the site for that purpose. However, I’ll maintain it–albeit adding to it ever so slowly [ 🙂 ]–for the same reasons listed below!

This site is an online learning journal, and a partial source of the related data*, to be used in my upcoming intra-personal and basic cognitive-science book (release date: 2021/’22). Formal goals:

1) An *autoethnographic-metacognitive experiment; (to be documented it the above-mentioned book), an attept to answer the following question:

How does/can/might one’s mind process a wide range of knowledge from various fields over time?

2) An exploration of the various possibilities of linkages/intersections/etc. that can be (re-)discovered, improved, etc., among different academic disciplines.

3) Over time, to help and inspire students from various disciplines. Forgive the cliche, but “one can learn anything, if s/he puts her/his mind to it!”

Informal/fun goals, simply put:

1) One dude’s quest to either become a modern-day
Da Vinci, or…
2) Honestly, “coz” my curiosity is insatiable! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I love learning, and I figure: hey, this **is not** the worst way to “kill time,” whenever I can spare said time!

Welcome, one & all!

12/01/2020; First Entries/Recordings, And “Coming Soon”:

Yesterday (11/30/2020), I recorded my first two learning-journal voice-notes, in reaction to Paul Thaggard’s explanation of analogies as cognitive science (/thinking) tools in his “Mind” text, chapter 5. I will transcribe and analyze those recordings later, along with all the other entries from this site, and other related audio recordings which document my learning processes.

In the meantime, readers of this online journal can/should expect a meta-analytical entry to be added to this page as soon as possible. That entry will briefly explicate my envisioned overarching plan for the autoethnographic-cognitive self-study research process I intend to use for the aforementioned book (refer to point 1 farther above).

Out for now.